GLORIOUS DISASTER: Caroline Prugh, a new play reading

Emma Goldman-Sherman innovator and fearless leader of The 29th Street Playwrights Collective invited me to read the role of Glenda in Caroline Prugh‘s new play Glorious Disaster February 15, 2018 at the Dramatists Guild Foundation Music Hall.  With Geraldine Leer and Ginger Grace. Photo credit Emily Hewitt. 

Not only was it a fun experience, but also an opportunity for artists to hear the words spoken aloud in front of an audience of a playwrights collective and receive feedback in a Q&A discussion. Congratulations, Caroline Prugh! 
The 29th Street Playwrights Collective started the year with a surge of new work, table reads and a wealth of new ideas through challenging prompts delivered by our fearless leader Emma Goldman-Sherman.

We are excited with all of the new work and opportunities that have been presented in 2017, and it has only just begun!

The Write Now Workshops are off to a wonderful start with lots of new and innovative work being presented every Tuesday with some cutting edge writing and performances. (If you are interested in joining us, please just email and you will be welcome!)

The Write Now Workshop lead by Emma Goldman-Sherman hosted a wonderful night of new work which has been progressing since the new year in the weekly workshop sessions. Short plays and excerpts from longer works in progress were brought before an audience for the first time in an evening of staged readings which were touching, mind expanding, insightful and hysterical!





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