Exciting News Alert! First Online With Fran Podcast: 12K Downloads in January 2024!

I am thrilled to announce that my podcast, First Online With Fran, has reached an incredible milestone of 12,000 downloads in the month of January!Thank you to all our dedicated…

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New Milestone Reached!

I'm thrilled to announce that my podcast, First Online With Fran, has been awarded the "Countries Reached (50)" badge from Blubrry, one of the largest podcast hosting platform. This means…

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Podcast featured on Amazon Podcast!

FIRST ONLINE WITH FRAN’S THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE ART has been selected by AMAZON Podcast’s podcast and will be featured for a week starting Monday, April 10th as part of…

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Inspiration and Levity with Actress Frances McGarry on The Jim Masters Show LIVE!

Jim Masters chats with actress, arts advocate and teacher, Frances McGarry. Watch the LIVE recorded episode here.

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One Royal Holiday

Happy to share that I booked a co-star role in a Hallmark TV Movie, One Royal Holiday! Mrs. Maitlin, a town character and the local busy body is funny, nosy and always saying something she should not. I know… it’s a stretch.

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Gary Morgenstein’s drama Saving Stan, a love story about passion friendship and suicide, will kick off the new Survival is Insufficient Zoom Theater reading series on Tuesday, October 6 at 7PM.

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Gary Morgenstein’s A TOMATO CAN’T GROW IN THE BRONX Will Have Online Reading As Part of Create Theatre’s Monday Night Reading Series

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The 4th Annual NYWIFT New Works Lab Showcase

The New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) New Works Lab was formed to give writers helpful critiques for their full length screenplays, plays, shorts and web series.

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All About Image/We Are The Elite

A drama written in the present time, taking place in New York City and other parts of the U.S., All About Image/ We are the Elite is a journey of the people who make images.

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For a Good Time Call Old Ringers at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

“Our protagonist is played to authentic perfection, down to the just-right Bronx accent and lilt of a seasoned day-drinker, by McGarry. Her throughline is natural no matter what wacky situations or daring costumes she is put into.”

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OLD RINGERS: a new comedy by Joe Simonelli

It’s Golden Girls meets Calendar Girls in this semi-sequel to Men Are Dogs where four senior women try to fight the shrinking economy and their shrinking pocketbooks by investigating alternative means or generating income.

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Producer Presentation: Agnes of God

A Presentation for Producers of John Pielmeier’s Agnes of God, will be performed on Saturday, May 19th at 4 pm at the John DeSotelle Theater 754 9th Avenue, 4th floor.

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