Producer Presentation: Agnes of God

A Presentation for Producers of John Pielmeier’s Agnes of God, will be performed on Saturday, May 19th at 4 pm at the John DeSotelle Theater 754 9th Avenue, 4th floor.

I will be performing the role of Dr. Martha Livingston with Angel Brice as Mother Superior and Alex Taylor as Agnes.

This powerful story could not be more urgently told than in today’s culture of intolerance and inequality.



In an effort to encourage #onemoreconversation  I am reaching out to women to consider producing this play as a means to raise awareness of the issues explored and exposed through the characters’ voices.


There will be a brief wine reception and meet-and-greet with the director, Cammeron Baits and the members of the cast.

To make reservations please contact Once your RSVP is received the name(s) will be added to a list as this is an invite-only presentation; any names not on the list will not be allowed in.

There are no obligations; please come to see the presentation and be reminded of its powerfully potent message.

1728 2304 Frances McGarry