SHATTERED, Investigate Discovery Episode

Here is the SHATTERED series episode that aired on Investigate Discovery TV this past September.  I performed the role of the mother, Joyce, a loving mother who only wants the best for her son, James. Based on a true story, the lives of this family were “shattered” when James started to slip away. He started turning to drugs. She tried sending him to rehab after rehab, but his crack addiction would not go away. But, one day, he stopped. It was a miracle. Instead of doing crack with his friends everyday, he would go to bible study with the Pastor. She thought that the Pastor had finally done what nobody else could- he saved her son. But, on Christmas morning, she receives a phone call that her son is under arrest for killing the Pastor. He tells her that his rehabilitation had been a lie, and the very man she thought had brought her son into the light, had been pushing him deeper into the darkness.

Starring Ricky Alan Saunders as James Wood; Brett Bullard as Joey Wood; Dean Conroy, as Jack Wood, Joyce’s husband.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Kevin Fitzpatrick; VP OF PRODUCTION Joyce Covello; DIRECTOR Tom Pogue; Director of Photography Steve Mastorelli; 1ST AD Anthony DiDomenico


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